1 Month

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Better late than never

My Miracles are 1 month old! 
We are shocked it's already been a month, 11 more and they are one.
Time flys. 

One month ago I was seen by my MFM for my 32 weeks appt. During that growth scan we saw 3 activate healthy babies, but noticed baby A(Asher)'s Doppler showed reverse cord flow and baby B(Cross) had a growth restriction.
She studied my chart and went over the past several scans then said "I don't advise waiting... Based on the abnormaties I suggest delivery", and left to call my OB. She walked back in and said head to the hospital!
I was confused... I asked her what's the plan, she said you're having babies today! 
Uhhh... What!?
AND by 6:02 all my babies we here.
Finally. Safe. 

Aspen & Asher needed alittle help breathing and Cross the tiniest was screaming,and breathing good on his own! 

32 weeks can be scary for some... But for us it meant that our babies would be ok. They would need to spend sometime in the hospital, but they were coming home with me. Even if I have to wait 4 weeks.

Over the past 4 weeks they were born 
(8 weeks early)
Spent 26 days in the NICU 
(with awesome nurses)
Worked on their breathing and doing it with out extra help.
Learned to eat without the feeding tube
Gained about a pound each
and are now HOME.

They are SO good, Rarely crying unless I don't get a bottle in their mouth fast enough! 
They eat, nap and cuddle.
They love their MamaRoos, Rock n Plays, and wubbanubs. 

We are OVER THE MOON to have them here safe, healthy and growing.

Birth Weights-
Aspen 3lbs 14oz
Asher 3lbs 10oz
Cross 2lbs 14oz (growth restriction baby)
Current weights-
Aspen 4lbs 11oz
Asher 4lbs 8oz
Cross 4lbs 3oz

My babies are growing SO fast (too fast!) 

*taken with iphone during newborn shoot

My perfect Angels.

We are approaching the 1 year mark, when we lost Jax, Stella and Beck 
and we look at these babies and just wonder, "How did we get so luck". 
We are so blessed. It's a true miracle they are here with us.
I look forward to the day when we teach them about their brothers and sister that played
 a HUGE role in getting them here safe and healthy. 
*taken with iPhone during newborn shoot