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Monday, May 18, 2015

      Many friends and family know Starting April 20th, I was put on bed rest for weeks praying for our babies to hold on 4 more months. 
    On May 2nd, 
    We found out just how difficult it is to carry 3 babies. I was checked back into the hospital Friday, May 1st. Early Saturday morning, May 2nd, I went into early labor. 
    {our story has a lot of details that no one will really understand}
       We became parents to the most beautiful angels I could have ever pictured. Their tiny bodies so young, but perfectly formed you could see each ones features special and who they took after. We find comfort in getting to stare at their faces memorizing every line, curve, and wrinkle. 
    Jax was born first, the most excited to see us I suppose. Jordan held him for over an hour While the Dr tried to save the other two, but I was too unstable and at 8:30 Stella was born followed by Beck. Im so proud of what we made and no one will ever take them away from us. 
      From 5am- 9am Jordan stood by as we lost all our babies, Then had to sit and watch as I fought regain consciousness, through unstable vitals, and loss of blood. I underwent a blood transfusion, 6 bags of blood later God brought me through and amazingly my blood count increased over the next 24 hours. My husband is the strongest most incredible man I know. 
    Most people will never know this pain, and some know it too well. I am convinced that this sort of suffering is reserved for Gods strongest people the ones he knows will become stronger... Better.
      Our Dr tried everything he had access to help get them here healthy. For that we are forever thankful and know we have no regrets or "what ifs", which is a gift in itself...

The pain is suffocating. &It seems like a cruel joke this happened a week prior to Mother's Day, we don't understand why, but we have faith... Eventually... That we will feel hope and joy again. We already have new smiles knowing we have our very own Angels.

May 9th, 2015

Today we bring them home to spend forever with us. We will be surrounded with close friends and family as we lay them under a huge oak tree on our property. The outpour of support and prayers has been incredible and without we could not have made it through this devastating week.

"A moment in my arms forever in our hearts" 

Mom and Dad


I will continue to share my struggles, updates, and encouragements...

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