They Live in me

Friday, May 29, 2015

*Mind Blown*

I recently learned that Fetal cells can remain in mothers for years or decades after birth.
In fact, As far as we know these cell will multiply and divide for many decades, 
perhaps even forever!  
This is Called Microchimerism-
This occurs during pregnancy when cells from a fetus pass through the placenta 
and establish cell families within the mother.

Whoa. Pretty powerful.

A baby photo may melt your heart, but far more significant, in some cases these fetal cells have shown to improve health for moms and repair the blood.
 Studies have shown fetal cells can actually flock to the site of stroke damage. 


Read for yourself the facts and a beautiful story:


Today I really needed to find a sign.
I'd say I think I did!

{"You live on in them, and they live on in you"}

My buddies from beginning till the end. 

So every single "type" of mother...
Let us all be comforted by the fact
They are literally a part of you, swimming around inside of you.


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