Triplet Nursery

Monday, February 29, 2016

My super awesome handy man husband transformed our nursery.
(With my design guidance of course)

First we sheet rocked, sanded and textured the walls.
Then put in the new flooring, and The accent wall


I've taken up the motto {awhile ago} less is more. 
{unless your talking about diapers and wipes, and in that case more is more!}

When you have a very small space every.inch.counts.!
So I've shown ways we've tired to maximize space. First major hurdle is we don't have a "real" closet, but eventually the rod will go all the across versus the small sections, and the dresser will move to another wall. The dresser is stock up with tons of sleepers/onesies/swaddles -matching sets of 3-
I've been really impressed with how we've made it work. 

Next storage- Under cribs- AKA Diaper/wipe stock pile storage
We've managed to fit over 1000 diapers, and 10 boxes of wipes. {and still going}.
A peak of our wipe pile and just a few diapers.

The compact book shelves are ideal, small, functional and handmade (aka cheap!) 

And I have a hanging organizer behind the door with my random small stuff.
Snuzas, batteries, samples, etc. 
next project-{door to be painted}

4moms who sent us 2 more mamaRoos
Impressed by a company that has such a love for their fans and supportive of multiple families.
We can't wait to have our babies enjoying them in a month!

We are 31 weeks today!
We are so excited to be meeting them at some point in the next month.
We can not believe we've made it this far, we are thankful for my health and theirs.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

We were lucky enough be given two beautiful showers by amazing friends and family who love us and the babies SO much. We constantly feel supported and encouraged by those around us and that is the BEST gift.

My first Shower was given at 25 weeks and I was feeling pretty good, measuring in at around 32(ish) weeks... Most recently at 29 weeks I attended my 2nd! Boy, does 4 weeks make a difference when your carrying triplets! We played a game at the first shower where they measured "my circumference"... we repeated this game recently I've grown 3-4 inches around! I'm feeling it, but I am too blessed to be stressed.

These days I'm measuring around 38(ish) weeks!We are doing great, healthy and if we continue this trend we hope to make it 4-6 more weeks!

We want the healthiest premies we can manage so the longer we keep cooking the less time they will be on feed tubes, in isolation, hooked up to monitors etc.

DRINK OFF! Apple Juice out of Bottle, Jordan was a CHAMP.

I was really worried I would be on bed rest, hospital or at home by this time, but I am amazed by the TAC how secure it's made me feel. It's a God send, and without I know we would not be here!

We have an article coming out in Shattered Magazine this summer-
Please stay tuned I can't wait to share it with all of you. It's all about our journey over the past year.

We are of course overwhelmed by the amount of gifts and support!
Thanks a million we can never tell you enough.