Back from vacation, & Today is a good day

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This is our first day back from a weekend get-away with our {great} friends to 
Perdido Key , FL.
It's was beautiful, relaxing, and refreshing

It’s also the first day I haven’t laid in bed until 1pm -
 { except vacation… no one would allow that! }
Only thinking about what I could be doing or what needs to be done. 
Today the pain isn’t so paralyzing.
 The days seem to be getting slightly easier, not better, but brighter.
I still cry at least once a day, I'm not moving on... just becoming more optimistic.

 I am starting to enjoy this new chapter of being a “Stay at Home Wife”, 
or what my husband calls… "Trophy-wifein’.

I think about them, Jax Stella and Beck, everyday and that has not changed and I never want it to. Their lives are apart of our love story. They will be apart of their future brothers or sisters story… they will never be forgotten and will always be apart of this family, 
They just get to live far away in the clouds. 

I am starting to enjoy cooking again. I look forward to making dinner, and trying new ideas. I am doing laundry and dishes 
{which is a miracle and I know Jordan is THRILLED}

I am hoping this is an upward trend, and my motivation doesn't run dry.
Maybe tomorrow I will start going to Yoga again.

Today is a good day.


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