Almost that time.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

As we near the 1 year mark I can't help but be overwhelmed with devastating sadness,  but over come with incredible joy. A year ago we were on top of the world... The excitement would only last 5 months. 
We desperately tried to save them and keep them safe inside. Everyone was so optimistic, but it's like I already knew the outcome. 
My body has both let me down far past anything I thought I could recover from, but gave me the three miracles I sit here and stare at....

I'm stuck between two places, where I was a year ago... And where I am now.
There are no words to say how remarkable it is to be here staring at 3 babies that were promised on Jax Stella and Beck's birthday (had they been born @40 weeks) I used this as a sign, a promise everything would be ok.

I also just realized, while it can happen In multiples (once a baby is removed it creates more room and they shift during birth), but they were born in the same order. Aspen was actually baby C and Cross B- 

Jax was A
Stella B
Beck C
Asher A
Aspen B
Cross C

There were so many signs, too many to ignore, I never should have doubted everything was going to be ok. Every once in awhile Id even hear a voice say that..., "everything is going to be ok"... 
It was. It still is.

Happy International Bereaved Mother's Day.
I'll never forget ANY story that was shared with me, I remember them all! 
Don't feel forgotten. 

God is good, he will make it right in his time. 

Tomorrow will be the day and we will continue our tradition... I'll
Share these details soon:)
We couldn't be more touched to be able to include their siblings this year!

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