"34 weeks"

Monday, March 21, 2016

My babies are 2 weeks old!
or "34 weeks"
Oh my!
My "goal" was 34 weeks, but what a wonderful surprise
 to get to meet them earlier than expected.

How blessed we are that they are so healthy and learning what they need to come home with us! 

Over the past week they have lost alittle weight, but then gained it back plus more. Asher and Aspen are wearing big boy and girl clothes! No more just diapers. Cross our tiny boy wore his first outfit today! He just needs a bit more fat to help him maintain his body temp and will be catching up soon!

Last week Aspen and Asher's oxygen was removed, Cross did not require any since birth, no more IVs, they are now feeder-growers! They are tolerating their feeds and taking their vitamins:). 

The doctor ordered a brain sono just as a precaution, major problems are rare at 32 weeks, but I'm thankful for the extra Checking. Everything was normal. 

They are starting to learn how to eat orally, they are making great progress and eating more everytime we try. Aspen is food motivated! Most of the time she takes her whole feed in the bottle, if she keeps this up she will be coming home first!

They love to be held and we love to hold them... 
They make the sweetest noises like little baby dinosaurs. 

The last few days have been pretty exciting (for me). 

We had a photographer from "The tiny footprints project" come take photos of them. It's a wonderful organization that provides this free service to NICU families. We will look back on these memories and smile. We are so blessed. There is currently only photography for the DFW area, so if you are a photographer please consider donating alittle of your time- what a beautiful service you'd be providing. 

I got to snuggle them all skin to skin -together- for the first time. Cross thought he was an only child and was enjoying his freedom... He was a worm and fussy, then he got some lunch in his tummy and settled down alittle. It was pretty magical.
 I still can't believe they are mine... 

Here are some pictures our nurse took while the photographer was there so I could have a few now, I'm so impatient! 
And some pictures from today... Our skin to skin time. 

Thanks to everyone for being apart of our journey. We have no clue how we got so lucky. 

This is what a MIRACLE looks like...
Aspen, Cross, Asher 

If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart. 
Soon enough they will be too big to hold together. 

God IS Good.


  1. Oh honey! So beautiful! My heart is just so happy for you. They're all so gorgeous Congrats again xo

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story they look wonderful! (And so do you!)

  3. Love following u on instragram! I'm 14 weeks pregnant with triplets and it helps seeing how good ur doing, makes me not worry and rely on God and his plan for us. Hardest decision so far is what stroller to pick lol silly I know! Happy for u! Ur in our prayers. ��